「 自分だけの供養対象 」を決めることで、十分な供養ができます。
To Serve At Home
DIY service does not take big cost.
You don't want to be known by family?
You can determine "servic object only for me" instead of Jizo and you can give enough service.
Place such your own object casually in living room or on your desk and talk to it familiarly and gently anytime.
Various Mizuko Memorial Service Goods are available
We will keep running for your shining smile and bright future!

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水子供養 Mizuko Memorial Service

Mizuko memorial service must be so delicate issue for you.
Full of matters you might not know who to consult or how to do...
We are pleased if you could solve your concerns.

当サイトでは In This Site

You would give a Mizuko memorial service, but you might not know how to do or you would give a service without anyone knowing.
Your heart has not been released yet you have given Mizuko services in many places with paying much cost.
This site would provide you proper knowledge of Mizuko memorial service.

水子供養の仕方 How to give Mizuko Memorial Service

Mizuko means a fetus that has died by miscarriage, stillbirth or abortion.
Expected mother's deep grief due to the loss of an important life of fetus who has been nurtured carefully in her body should be immeasurable.
It is so important and precious to hold proper Mizuko memorial service for the poor life that has not been born and nestled in the arms of the parents, and for its reborn in the future.
Continuing to give Mizuko service will also save the deep damaged heart of parents who have lost their beloved children.

お地蔵さま Jizo the Guardian deity of children





In Japan, “Jizo” are familiar from childhood as the Guardian deity of children as in Japanese folk tales, but few people know the origin of Jizo and why they are enshrined in various places.
Jizo’s original name is "Jizo Bodhisattva" in Buddhism. And Bodhisattva is in second hierarchy to the top Tathagata.
Jizo Bodhisattva is considered as divine existence that saves the suffering of the people in this world while it requires long long years from disappear of Buddha Tathagata up to the appearance of the next Tathagata.
Jizo Bodhisattva with an infinite mercy heart saves people benevolently in order from weak.
For that reason, Jizo is considered as a guardian deity of children, and is often served with sweets.
At the Mizuko memorial service, people believe Jizo will take soul of Mizuko to paradise. Many people enshrine Jizo at home.


水子供養の歴史 History of Mizuko memorial service

Mizuko used to mean a baby who was born and died soon. But currently miscarriage, abortion and stillborn fetuses are generally referred to as Mizuko.
In Buddhism, Mizuko is called as “Suiji” that is a sort of post-nominal title to be attached to aft of the posthumous name. Mizuko is derived from several origins such as: flowing thinned baby into the river from an old custum, or the child who could not see the parent (“not see”  is pronounced as ”mizu” in Japanese). .

水子がくれたかけがえのない財産 Irreplaceable property Mizuko gave

For women, grief of losing a baby should be immeasurable. However, if you cry every day and continue to blame yourself, your deceased baby will not be able to rest in peace. Even if the baby could not be embraced in your chest yet you are linked as a family since the moment that life began to lodge into your womb.
And Mizuko gave us an irreplaceable important thing.
You should cry a lot when you have painful time.
After crying a lot, let's move forward step by step toward onward.
Because Mizuko wants mother to be happy.

水子供養の際のエコー写真と母子手帳 For echo photo and maternal handbook at service

We got a lot of question for Mizuko memorial service, saying that “I do not know how to handle the echo photos and maternal handbook”.
There are different ways of Memorial services, but whatever you choose, your heart of wishing for a peaceful journey and happiness of Mizuko should be same. Then, what kind of memorial service method for echo photos and maternal handbook are there on the Mizuko memorial service?

水子供養のマナー Mizuko memorial service manners

Mizuko memorial service has two options: in temple, and at home.
In any ways, important thing is to pray for happiness of Mizuko.
However, when it is the first time for you to hold Mizuko memorial service, you must be troubled on what you have to.
In this site, we will introduce manners on Mizuko memorial service at the temple.